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Can This Mysterious Creature From the Sea
Really Give You More Flexible Joints and Greater Mobility?

  • 200 times more powerful than Omega-3’s from fish or flax
  • Study shows 80% find relief in just 8 weeks
  • Won’t upset your stomach like some other joint remedies

Dear Friend,

I can’t think of anything more frustrating than stiff, aching joints.

You want to go shopping or play golf… but the pain and stiffness in your knees or hips makes walking an ordeal. You’d like to cook, play cards or putter in your garden… but the agony in your hands stops you. Even just holding a book can be torture.

That’s why I’m so excited to share this breakthrough with you. Scientists have discovered a natural substance from the sea with incredible properties.

For one, it contains a unique fatty acid that’s 200 times more powerful than the Omega-3’s from fish or flax.1 And that means you could soon find yourself doing things you might not have dreamed possible before today…

  • Walking – or even dancing – without wincing in pain at every step.
  • Reaching the top shelf in your kitchen cabinets or closets again.
  • Painting, gardening, golfing or fishing… all in complete comfort.

The answer is a humble sea creature with a fascinating story…

Discovering the Secret of Joint Comfort

Green Lipped MusselsNew Zealand is a beautiful land filled with unusual creatures. The comical flightless kiwi bird… the mysterious tuatara, a throwback from the age of dinosaurs… and the giant green-lipped mussel.

When Europeans first arrived in New Zealand, they found two groups of native Maori. Some lived along the coast and fished for a living. Others had settled inland to farm.

The Europeans noticed the inland Maori had as many joint problems as they did. But joint problems were almost unknown among the coastal dwellers.

The difference was their diet. The coastal Maori ate lots of green-lipped mussels. And now science has revealed these creatures contain a unique Omega-3 fatty acid that could spell an end to your joint problems.

In fact, 80% of the volunteers in a Korean study got relief from their aching joints in just 8 short weeks. And more than half got relief in just 4 weeks.2

Imagine if – just 4 weeks from now – you’re back playing golf or tennis, walking, gardening or dancing. All free from the aching joints and stiffness that have plagued you.

And now it’s easy.

Nature’s Most Powerful Joint Support

Using a special process we extract the active portions of green-lipped muscle… leaving an “oil” that’s 20 times stronger than the original source.3

Then we add 10 powerful boosters for maximum joint support. We call it Arthrocet. It’s the most potent, most advanced joint support formula I’ve ever seen.

  • Type II collagen. One of the major building blocks of cartilage. Studies suggest it may provide greater joint support than glucosamine and chondroitin.4
  • Bromelain. This powerful enzyme has been shown to promote greater comfort in joints and muscles.5,6
  • Ginger. A potent ally in your battle against joint pain. Studies show your body may use it to block an important cause of your pain at the genetic level.7
  • Plus 7 more of Nature’s most effective ingredients to stop your aches, ease your stiffness and get you moving again.

This Acid Is Good for Your Joints

Not much can help get you moving better than Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

When you hear “acid,” you may worry. After all, acids cause corrosion, right?

Not this acid. GLA seems to do exactly the opposite in your joints.

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Massachusetts gave GLA to a group of volunteers with serious joint problems. After 24 weeks, the volunteers had 45% less joint discomfort… and 36% fewer joints that felt any discomfort.8

That’s the kind of relief that can get you back on your feet… back on the dance floor… and back enjoying life again.

And it’s also why you’ll find a full 50 mg of borage seed oil concentrate in Arthrocet. Because borage seed oil is one of Nature’s richest sources of GLA.

But borage seed oil is just one of 11 powerful boosters we’ve included in Arthrocet. Another is one of the world’s oldest remedies.

Move with Greater Ease, Thanks to This Golden Spice

In India, turmeric is sometimes called “the golden spice of life.” And you’ll think this spice is worth its weight in gold when it comes to joint support.

Indian herbalists have used turmeric for centuries. They believe it has hundreds of uses. And one of those uses gets right to the cause of your joint discomfort.

So it’s no surprise that modern research shows that turmeric supports healthy joint function.

For example, doctors in Thailand gave turmeric to 52 people with knee pain. After 6 weeks, the volunteers were walking measurably faster and found it much easier to climb stairs.9

What would increased mobility mean to you? Maybe you’d spend the day shopping with friends… walk the golf course instead of taking a cart… spend more time enjoying your kids or grandkids.

At last these dreams could be within your reach. And with absolutely no risk.

Risk Nothing for a Chance to Gain Everything

ArthrocetThink of it: Feel the thrill of fly-fishing again… dance like you did when you were younger… create a garden that’s the envy of the whole neighborhood. All without the stiffness and discomfort that’s been holding you back.

And all without risk, too.

Because, right now, you can try Arthrocet with a full money-back guarantee. Place your order. Put Arthrocet to the test for a full year. If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply return the unused portion for a full refund of the purchase price.

No questions, no hassles. What could be better than that?

Well… how about almost $75.00 in savings?

Get Powerful Joint Relief, with Savings Up to $74.50

I’ve never seen any formula to match the potent combination of ingredients in Arthrocet. Together, they attack the aches and stiffness in your joints from all angles for maximum relief.

And with the concentrated power of green-lipped mussel extract, Arthrocet is the most effective joint-relief formula we’ve ever offered.

In just a few short weeks, you could be back enjoying your favorite hobbies and activities – moving with an ease you haven’t felt in years. Wouldn’t you love to stride confidently into a room again? Practically bounce up out of your chair? Handle small, delicate objects with ease?

Thanks to the powerful ingredients in Arthrocet, it could finally be possible.

And because you’re a valued customer, I’m offering you our best-ever deal on Arthrocet.

For you, a 6-month supply is only $139.95 (plus $6.95 delivery). You save $74.50.

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You can even save $11.90 on a 2-month supply. It’s just $54.95 plus delivery.

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So why let life pass you by because of sore, stiff joints? Click here to start enjoying all your tomorrows.


J. William Mund
J. William Mund
Director of Research, UniScience Group

P.S. They say the Greek physician, Hippocrates, used white willow bark to soothe aches and fevers. 2,500 years later, Canadian researchers have confirmed Hippocrates was pretty sharp. White willow bark does ease pain.10

White willow bark is just one of 11 reasons Arthrocet is the most potent joint relief formula we’ve ever offered. And now you can try it for 365 days… with absolutely NO RISK. Just click on the one of the order buttons below to get started today.

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Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Every order of Arthrocet is fully protected by our Money-Back Guarantee. Please take a FULL YEAR to see if Arthrocet delivers the relief you want. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. If for any reason at all, you’re not pleased with the results, simply return the unused portion within one year for a prompt, full refund of your purchase price, less the small delivery fee.

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